How to Get Started in Precision Rimfire Benchrest

How to get started in Precision Rimfire Benchrest shooting and competition? Here's how:

Do this first:  Go to a Rimfire Benchrest match, preferably an American Rimfire Association sanctioned match. You will find a warm welcome from shooters who will become friends and colleagues that will help you understand the sport and will assist you in understanding the rifles, gear, and processes of precision accuracy with a rimfire rifle.

Don't do this: Do not go out and buy things you see at match events until you have a thorough understanding of your true interest in competing in the sport. Instead, learn the purpose of the gadgetry, learn the care and maintenance of a precision rifle system, and identify the equipment necessary to enjoy the sport as a competitor.

Still not convinced your first step should be to show up at a match with an open mind and a notepad? Then watch this video (not an endorsement and not a paid promotion) so you can hear the same thing from a real expert: 

Advice For Anyone Getting Into Precision 22lr:

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