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Norm Flynn, Rimfire Benchrest Match Director    cell: 281-859-2935

Welcome to Angelina Rifle and Pistol Clubs Rimfire Benchrest Forum


Our goal for rimfire benchrest competition at the  Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club is to provide a safe shooting environment with an atmosphere of good sportsmanship where our benchrest shooters compete as colleagues.


The Club and our dedicated volunteers endeavor to provide efficient matches meeting the highest standards of American Rimfire Association (ARA) rules where every shooter has the opportunity to demonstrate their individual mastery of the sport.  


I intend this blog to provide information, not only about our matches, but rimfire matches held at other venues. Additionally, we may post technical information about the myriad of topics of interest to rimfire benchrest shooters - things like ammo (availability and quality), new products as they become available, the importance of wind flags, barrel cleaning, barrel tuner setting … the list goes on and on!!!

As Match Director, I want to hear your comments and suggestions. Let us know what we can do better because our work is directed to serve you as a competitor and rimfire benchrest shooter. Those working with me to make this happen are enthusiastic and willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate the needs of the World Class Shooters we entertain at Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club.  


Thank all of you for your part in building a successful program.


Good Shooting,


Norm Flynn and Ronald Parker, Match Director
Angelina Rimfire Benchrest


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