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1 in 100 Gun Club ARA Match Lumberton, Texas
Saturday, June 19, 2021
by Norm Flynn

I attended the monthly six card double points ARA match in Lumberton today, shooting my Vudoo V-22S “007”. I was fortunate to come in fourth in a field of some really fine competitors. It was a good day and I’m more satisfied with my performance today than any other match this year.

Lumberton’s fifteen bench RFBR range was filled to near capacity with thirteen shooters. All but two of these shooters compete at our Angelina matches. Most all of these guys have demonstrated their competency by often beating me handily in matches over the last three years.

First a word about the guys who placed on the podium. Eddie Robertson, who won the match, finished third in the National Indoor A-Line last year. Then there’s Dr Bert Williams who has dominated our matches over the last year at Angelina and recently shot our first 2500 at our newly sanctioned matches. Bert also shot a series of three 200s at last August’s ABRA non-sanctioned match. Mike Griffin came in third today with a 2145 aggregate. It’s worth noting that Mike Griffin, who finished is ranked second in Texas.

Consistency is the name of the game in RFBR and my friends who made the podium today are the most consistent - Eddie seems to always shoot agg’s  in the twenty-two hundreds - Bert and Mike are shooting in the twenty-one hundreds.

About Today - The tropical low that threatened to cancel our match moved on to New Orleans and became Tropical Storm Claudette which resulted in calm to mild winds and sultry conditions at the match. Gusty winds of up to seven miles per hour were typical with lots of switching back and forth. Jerry Bob Smith gave me some sage wisdom about the Lumberton range, characterizing it as one of the most inconsistent wind conditions from bench one to fifteen that he’s shot. I’ve noticed the inconsistencies but not to the extent that Jerry suggested.

The Lumberton One-in-One Hundred range is still in it’s first year for RFBR and we’re still learning conditions. An added point about the range - nothing to do with rimfire - is the quality and expanse of the range that focusses on skeet and trap shooting. The grounds are immaculate and they have a full time staff that lives on-site. A really classy and expensive club indeed!

I shot my Vudoo “007” for the third week in a row - I came in second at Angelina two weeks ago, last week I placed third in a three card IR-50/50 match and now, fourth at Lumberton. The Vudoo is shooting well, it seems to like the Eley Match I’m feeding it and, perhaps even more importantly I’m getting “closer” to the rifle. Like Barry Maney says, “Gotta love these guns awhile before they shine!”

My first card scored 2150 and put me in fifth place - I shot the next card at 2400 which was high card and earned me another Hall of Fame point which landed me in second, fifty points behind Dr Bert and twenty-five points in front of Eddie. It’s really exciting to shoot well - everything seems to come into focus and the 100’s start staking up. The wind must have been consistent as my hold-offs resulted in twenty-three 100’s and two 50’s. I love to see the impacts appear with white all the way around - no question that the shot was a 100 - a few of those in a row and confidence builds. A very pleasant sensation!

I watched as my second place position fell after I shot a pair of 2050’s on cards three and four and further deteriorate with card five which was 1900 and my worst card of the day. I came back a bit on the last card, shooting a 2100 and placing fourth on that card behind Eddie, Jerry Bob and Dr Bert.

I was more than a little surprised that my last card elevated me to fourth place for the day. The big takeaways from today was the joy I felt from shooting 2400 on the second card, the comfort level I’m feeling with “007” and the recognition that I am capable (from time to time) of shooting better than guys who seem to always shoot at very high level. I know that a big part of this game is the confidence that comes from shooting a good card every so often - now it’s time to build consistency.

The day was capped off with a great pulled pork lunch provided by Gordon Hart and the Lumberton crew. This was their first double points club tournament and they did it up right. I stuck around after everyone left but the Lumberton guys. We did a match debrief and talked about the things that went well - especially scoring.

A Good Time Was Had By All ...

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